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Sep 24

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POLITAN di D’Alessio Ferdinando (born 1972)
We are based in Solofra - Italy since 1982.

1. We acted as agents (exporters and importers / tanner) for pickled/wet-blue lambskins and goatskins and we are actually specialized in fashion finished leathers: lamb, kid, goat, baby calf, ostrich leathers, deer leathers for clothing, handbags, footwear, home decoration, hats, gloves, small leathergoods, bookbinding, in any type of tanning.

2. We can give assistance for the research of any article, handling the orders, following the processing, inspecting the delivery, and issuing a quality control certificate.

3. The company is actually still having the consultancy of the Founder:
Mr. Eugenio D’Alessio (born 1948), a well known name in the world leather business, with friend-customers in all Europe, Hong Kong, Korea and United States, sourcing the leather from top Solofra tanneries like Triangolo Snc, Carisma Spa, Bello spa, Effegi srl, Tre Emme spa, Icos srl, F.lli Guarino di Donato snc, Arca srl, Deviconcia snc, Albatros spa, De Maio G. E f.lli snc.

Mr. Eugenio D’Alessio founded the company Politan after a long work in the family tannery since 1968, sourcing the pickled/wet-blue lamb/goat skins from New Zealand, U.K., Ethiopia, North Africa, Spain, France, China, Nigeria, India (Bombay/Madras), Cyprus,  South Africa, U.S.A.

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